Large Panel Selection
We have partnered up with some of the best panel manufacturers around the world. See our panel section for more information.
Radius Panels
If it's a radius application you are looking for, you came to the right place. We offer radiused panels and metals to accommodate up to a 2 foot radius. See technical page for additional information.
Other Services
We offer various other services such as custom extrusions, color matching, design assistance, panel takeoffs, installer certification & onsite training. Email our customer service department if you are interested.


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Key Benefits of WPS Systems

Superior Function

Superior Function
  • Interlocking clips and extrusions: These guide and position the panels so they remain flush with adjacent panels, allowing for a uniform and long-lasting installation.
  • No excess shimming required: Panels remain on the same plane without excess shimming.
  • Interchangeable systems: A choice of more than fifteen wall and ceiling application systems that can be mixed and matched allows the designer greater flexibility.

Variety of Application

Variety of Application
  • Durable: Our systems are designed and engineered for interior/exterior use, made of durable aluminum to tolerate high-traffic areas in commercial, industrial, and institutional settings, such as schools, airports, elevators, lobbies and medical corridors.
  • Adaptable: With a wide selection of panel materials and various extrusion finish options (clear satin, gold, bronze, black, and powder-coated), our systems adapt well to any environment., whether it be a high-end hotel lobby with an exotic veneer, or Hospital corridor wainscot with durable phenolic panels.
  • Eco friendly: WPS is committed to reducing harmful effects on the environment. An assortment of Green materials will satisfy demands for environmentally-responsible products and processes.

Complete Turnkey

Complete Turnkey
  • Complete Turnkey: Our systems are delivered ready to install on walls or ceilings, minimizing field cutting and ensuring that stringent quality control requirements are met.
  • Uniform Fabrication: All fabrication is done in house and under WPS supervision, which guarantees that a project done in California is fabricated exactly the same as one done in New York. This gives the designer confidence in specifying WPS products and allows us to provide proper warranties.
  • Fast Turnaround: With out state-of-the-art machinery and computers, and a selection of materials that are available for quick ship, WPS can fabricate many projects in under two weeks' time.

Installer Friendly

Installer Friendly
  • Ease of Installation: All panel materials are cut to size prior to shipping, and complete shop drawings are provided to guide the installer through the project.
  • Secure Installation: The design focus on our systems has always been ease of installation and to ensure that all panel faces remain flush and secure, regardless of the drywall condition. Using a combination of vertical splines and panel clips allows for a simplified shimming process, which makes out systems installer-friendly and helps reduce overall project costs.

Wall Systems

Wide Selection
We have a variety of wall systems that each has its own unique look. We have the slim look of the shadowline system with the 3/16" reveal and the channel look of our ORS system is great for lobbies due to the ability to hang pictures within the reveal The Captured system allows for a closed edge and when used with silicone or our rubber gasket, is great for hospital cleanrooms. We also have a Recessed Reveal system with an aluminum or phenolic reveal to give an appearance of depth to the paneling.


State of the Art Fabrication Facility

We have filled our fabrication facility with all new machinery specifically used for the fabrication of wall panels. We might not be able to produce cabinets, but we can fabricate panels very efficiently. We take pride in having some of the fastest turnaround times in the industry and with our selection of materials that are available for quick ship, we can fabricate many projects in less than 2 weeks time.

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In addition to wall applications, our systems easily transfer to the ceiling application. Since our system are progressive, each panel is locked into place one by one which makes a perfect ceiling application. All you need is a stud framed ceiling, proper backing and drywall and your ceiling is ready for paneling. Having ceiling panels match the wall panels, is a great complement to any project.