Wall and Ceiling Panel Options

In order to make our wall panel systems and ceiling panel systems complete, we have partnered with some of the leading panel manufacturers to bring you an extensive panel selection that suits the diverse needs in the design community. Wall Panel Systems offers a variety of panel types designed for full-wall or wainscot interior applications and that provide high durability, low maintenance, aesthetic impact, and low-cost installation.

Graphic Panels

Made from a phenolic core or plastic laminates, graphic panels are extremely durable and can turn any wall into a billboard. A company logo is ideal for highly-visible areas. The ability to remove and swap out the panels makes them perfect for advertising as well. Change the look of a building's interior from season to season. Create stunning custom wall graphics directly from your picture files, or let us source the art. The possibilities are endless.

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Phenolic Panels

Wall Panel Systems offers a large selection of phenolic panels for interior use. These phenolic panels are extremely durable and functional for high-traffic areas. The panels are available in a variety of thicknesses and finish options. The solid material is suitable for our recessed reveal system. Phenolic panels are an environmentally-friendly resource and meet LEED requirements.

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Wood Veneer Panels

Wall Panel Systems offers a full line of wood veneer panels for a multitude of applications. Choose the more traditional maple, cherry, and oak panels, or opt for the more exotic solid wood or teak veneers. Real wood veneer panels create an aesthetically-pleasing interior environment.

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Metal Laminate Panels

Metal veneers enhance walls with durable, functional, and easy-to-clean surfaces. Our collection would not be complete without a wide selection of metal panels to create an expressive interior environment. Choose from over 100 designs, including brushed aluminum, oxidized copper, tinted finishes, and various perforated aluminum panels.

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